Company News: Purchase of GMD-1A completed!

SVNO purchased a GMD-1A from CN Rail for $122,015.00. The ex-CN GMD-1 #1438 is in good condition for it's age, and will likely be put to service on the Scajaquada branch line following a minor refit with SVNO standard equipment. Delivery is expected by the end of the Month, and it is expected to be in service before October.

Image obtained from RRPicture Archives ( by Glen Mounk.

The Scajaquada Branch line services the Port of Scajaquada as well as many small whistlestops, and remote industries along the line. Due to it's remote nature, lighter equipment is often run on this line. The GMD-1A fills the role of a powerful, yet light branch line switcher, which will suit the line well. Current customers along the line include a lumber mill, a small intermodal port, distribution center, and a bulk grain export facility. There are plans for a nickle / zinc / galena processing center near the Port of Scajaquada in the coming years as well.