Freight Operations

The Scajaquada Valley Northern connects the region to the world. Our rail, shipping and overland trucking services are proud to provide the fastest and most reliable cargo link for the communities we service.

Rail Service Route Map

Freight Services

  • Scajaquada Valley Northern provides direct rail access to customers along the rail route, including mining operations, and refining operations.
  • We operate the Port of Scajaquada, which is a seasonal deep water international shipping port in Thomson Bay. From that port, we do also provide shipping services to remote communities, out of reach of traditional land transportation services.
  • Scajaquada Valley Northern provides transloading services at Thomson Bay, Amherst, and Barrington for our customers who do not require a direct rail link.
  • We operate a trucking and courier service which provides freight and local delivery, to many communities in the Region.

  • Current Customers

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