Freight Services

Freight Schedule:

Service Schedule
Mail Express - Northbound (Train 101) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Mail Express - Southbound (Train 102) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Amherst to Barrington Direct (Train 103) Daily
Barrington to Amherst Direct (Train 104) Daily
Barrington Local (Train 201) Daily service - Monday to Friday
Barrington to Luna Lake and return (Train 202) Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Amherst Local (Train 203) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Amherst to Thomson Bay (Train 204) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Thomson Bay to Amherst (Train 205) Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Barrington to Thomson Bay Direct - and return (Train 105) Wednesday and Saturday

Freight Clearance and Weight Limits:

Track Division Weight Limit Car Length Limit
Barrington to Amherst 286,000 lbs 89ft
Luna Lake Branch 263,000 lbs 89ft
Amherst to Thomson Bay 263,000 lbs 65ft