Our Rail Network connects seven distinct communities. We are proud to be a vital link in each one of them.


Vandorf: Located at the southern terminus of the Scajaquada Valley Northern Railway's main line. Milepost 0.

Valleybrook: Positioned at milepost 28 along the main railway line.

Thornhill Branch: Milepost 48

Harrington Springs: Situated at milepost 62 along the main railway line. This is our main yard and central terminal.

Stonebridge Branch: Milepost 73

Cedar Creek: Positioned at milepost 120, north of Harrington Springs.

Stonebridge Branch Line:

Stonebridge: Located 45 miles down the Stonebridge branch line (which is located at milepost 73 on the main line), northwest of Harrington Springs.

Thornhill Branch Line:

Riverview Forge: Situated at milepost 19 on the Thornhill branch line (which meets the mainline at milepost 48), featuring an iron pelletization plant and a gravel quarry.

Thornhill: Located at milepost 31 on the Thornhill branch line, with a history including coal mining, a chemical plant, and a manufacturing plant.