Who are we?

The Scajaquada Valley Northern Railway is a freelanced N Scale model railroad project. It is located in Western New York, and is a modern shortline operation based on the Ontario Northland's remote operations, and a mix of mountain railroading in the North Eastern USA. This website will act as a portal for the railroad. This is a medium sized layout built for operation. Guest operators and regular crew members and volunteers are welcome on scheduled operation nights - but please RSVP.

The SVNO is based in North Tonawanda, NY. It is a private, invite only club. If you are curious about operating with us or visiting the layout, please contact scott.thomson@svno.ca.

IRC Chat:

We have an IRC Channel for discussion and community purposes:
Join our IRC chat at irc.svno.ca


operations.svno.ca is our portal for virtual operations monitoring for the SVNO.